Kenya Thika Oreti — LIMITED!


Flavor Notes
Medium body, balanced acidity, and notes of red grapefruit, orange jelly, and baking spices.

Bean Profile
The Oreti Estate has been in the Harries family for more than 60 years. They came to Kenya in the early 1900s and soon started cultivating coffee on land not far from Oreti. It is situated in the Thika highland plateau and straddles the Kiambu/Muranga border. The 36-hectare coffee estate sits at a modest 1600 meters above sea level and planted in very old SL-28 and French Mission Bourbon trees. Get this while you can!

Origin: Kenya; Thika Plateau.
Farm/Farmer: Oreti Estate.
Varietal: SL-28, SL-34.
Processing: Washed.
Elevation: 5200 ft.
Ships in a resealable, vented bag for extended freshness.
10 ounces only.

Roast Level
We source high-quality, specialty coffees, and we go to great lengths to roast each origin the perfect, appropriate amount to showcase the bean’s natural qualities and flavors. Our Roast Master, Maury McCown, strives to make sure you get the best the bean has to offer. All coffees are proudly roasted to order in South Texas.

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