Rwanda Tumba — LIMITED!


We have enough unroasted stock to roast FIVE 10oz bags of this coffee!

Flavor Notes
Medium body, bright acidity, and notes of chocolate, torched sugar, red berry, and tamarind candy.

Bean Profile
Venustre Mugraneza has been developing and improving the coffee production of his small mill in Tumba, Rwanda for several years — and the unique coffee this mill produces is a new favorite! Only the best coffee cherries — those that make up this lot — are dried in a special area of raised beds and receive focused handpicking by the farmers to produce this offering.

Origin: Rwanda: Tumba Town.
Farm/Farmer: Venustre Mugraneza.
Varietal: Bourbon.
Processing: Washed.
Elevation: 5900 ft.
Ships in a resealable, vented bag for extended freshness.
10 ounces.

Roast Level
We source high-quality, specialty coffees, and we go to great lengths to roast each origin the perfect, appropriate amount to showcase the bean’s natural qualities and flavors. Our Roast Master, Maury McCown, strives to make sure you get the best the bean has to offer. All coffees are proudly roasted to order in South Texas.

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