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  • Papua New Guinea Balus Kopi


    Flavor Notes
    Smooth mouthfeel with heavy body. Notes of caramel, dried fruit, green tea, and melon.

    Bean Profile
    Our Balus Kopi is grown in Papua New Guinea’s Simbai area, just over the Bismarck Range bordering the Western Highlands Province and Sepik Province. “Balus Kopi” is Tok Pisin (the native language of PNG) for “airplane coffee.” Why “airplane coffee?” All coffee from Simbai is …

  • Papua New Guinea Nebilyer


    Flavor Notes
    Clean, fruit acidity with a smooth mouthfeel. Citrus and toffee notes with a subtle herbal aftertaste.

    Bean Profile
    Our Nebilyer is grown in Papua New Guinea’s Tambul Highlands Province.

    Origin: Papua New Guinea; Nebilyer.
    Farm/Farmer: Smallholder Farms.
    Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Mundo Novo
    Processing: Washed, patio dried.
    Elevation: 3900-5200 ft.
    Ships in a resealable, vented bag for extended freshness.
    10 ounces or 5 pounds.

    Roast Level
    We source high-quality, …

  • Peru Capili

    Flavor Notes
    Smooth, medium body, bright acidity, and notes of caramel, lemon-lime, green apple, and milk chocolate.

    Bean Profile
    Our Capili comes from 32 local producers in Santo Domingo de la Capilla, Peru, and the farmers are very serious about picking only the ripest cherries — so it can take up to five pickings to fully harvest. After each picking, the cherry is pulped immediately …

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