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  • Rwanda Tumba — LIMITED!

    We have enough unroasted stock to roast FIVE 10oz bags of this coffee!

    Flavor Notes
    Medium body, bright acidity, and notes of chocolate, torched sugar, red berry, and tamarind candy.

    Bean Profile
    Venustre Mugraneza has been developing and improving the coffee production of his small mill in Tumba, Rwanda for several years — and the unique coffee this mill produces is a new favorite! …

  • Santo Domingo Decaf

    Flavor Notes
    Smooth, full body with excellent fruit acidity. Notes of milk chocolate, green apple, and caramel.

    Bean Profile
    Our Santo Domingo Decaf hails from Santo Domingo de la Capilla, Peru. This wonderful Swiss Water Process decaf has notes of milk chocolate, green apple, and caramel. We understand not everyone can have caffeine, so we strive to find delicious decaf coffees for you …

  • V60 02 Paper Filters

    Size 02 paper filters for the Hario V60. Made with 100% oxygen bleached paper pulp. 100 filters per package.

  • V60 Pour Over Coffee Dripper

    The Hario V60 is our preferred method of brewing coffee. The unique design of the V60 creates an evener extraction and resulting brew. We also love the easy clean-up: rinse with hot water after throwing away the filter. We also prefer to use size 02, which can brew 1-4 cups of coffee.